My Mission Statement


 My Mission Statement to you… 

I promise to help you, my fellow baker, to learn how to bake better with the tips, articles, and tools I offer. I have been baking for 47+ years and feel I have the expertise to help bakers reach their baking potential. 

If you follow my advice and tips, you will have a well-stocked kitchen to do your baking helping you to get the job done. 

I pick the best products I can find for you, although some may be a little pricy. Cheaper does not always mean better quality. I promise to give you, my fellow bakers the best advice I can with my life lessons on baking and cooking to help you reach your baking and cooking goals.  

I truly love helping my fellow bakers to reach their baking and cooking abilities and goals and I promise to always treat you respect. As I am confident you will always treat me the same.


Donna Kennedy

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