How to Grill the Perfect Steak Every Time

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Summer is upon us and so is the grilling season. I don’t know about you, but to me, there is nothing better than grilling steak on the grill outside. Oh, the smell and the flavors! My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

What makes a good steak? Well, it’s a whole lot more than most people think. Most people like their steak medium-rare and with barely any pink in the center. I’m with them and that’s what I prefer. However, that isn’t the only way to like your steak. In fact, most chefs will tell you to take it up a notch and cook it medium (135 degrees) or even medium-well (145 degrees).

The first thing you need to know about grilling steak is that the size really doesn’t matter. What I mean is, that steak that everyone thinks is the best cut, cooked on a grill, will be just as tough and chewy as the lesser cut of meat when cooked on a grill. The big difference is that the thinner piece of meat will cook faster than a thicker cut. So if the lesser cut of steak cooks faster, why bother with it at all? The answer is simple, it’s all in the way you prepare and cook it.

Steak is one of my favorite foods to grill, but I have found that it can sometimes be a little intimidating to keep from overcooking it. I mean, it is a piece of meat and that meat can burn. So, how do you keep your steak from burning on the grill? There are six ways to help you grill the perfect steak every time:

6 Ways to Grill the Perfect Steak Every Time

Grilled Steak On Open Flame
  1. Start with a quality cut of meat This is the most crucial step to getting a delicious, juicy steak. Choose a cut of meat that is at least 1-inch thick, and make sure it has good marbling. 
  2. Season the steak generously – Seasoning your steak is key to adding flavor. Use a dry rub or steak seasoning of your choice, and make sure to cover the entire surface of the meat. 
  3. Preheat your grill – Getting your grill hot before you start cooking will help you get those perfect grill marks. Aim for a temperature of 400-450 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  4. Grill the steak for 2-3 minutes per side For a 1-inch-thick steak, this should be enough time to get it cooked to your desired level of doneness. Remember to turn the steak only once during cooking and resist the urge to press down on it with your spatula. 
  5. Let the steak rest for 5 minutes before cutting into it – This will allow the juices to redistribute throughout the meat, resulting in a more flavorful and juicy steak. 
  6. A good meat thermometer- This is essential for this process because it will allow you to monitor the internal temperature of the steak as it cooks. If you must use an instant-read thermometer, make sure that you remove the steak from the heat source before taking the reading. You don’t want to overcook your beautiful steak just because you wanted to know what temp you were at.

If you follow my“6 Ways to Grill the Perfect Steak Every Time” you will be grilling like a pro in no time at all. You will be the talk of the party when your family and friends taste your delicious juicy steaks!

So, what the heck are you waiting for? Get yo grilling on and enjoy your delicious results!🤤

Happy Grilling,

Donna Kennedy 🥩

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