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5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Baking

Baking Gone Wrong!!

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Hey, Ya’ll, did you know that we all get at least 5 things wrong when we bake? That’s right, even me! This week we are going to explore “5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Baking.”

Baking is a science. It’s not an exact science, but there are guidelines that you need to follow to ensure your success. When you don’t follow these guidelines, your baking will most likely not turn out the way you want it to.

In this post, we are going to explore 5 of the most common baking mistakes that people make. So, if you are guilty of any of these mistakes, don’t worry, you are not alone!

5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Baking

Chef Reading A Recipe
  1. Not reading the recipe all the way through before you start baking. This is probably the biggest one that I see all the time. It is absolutly essential that you read the recipe in its entirity before you start start mixing everything together. This is so you want make mistakes like missing steps and ingredients. This can be a disaster! Believe me I have done this and ended up having to pour out the ingredents and start all over again! Not only did I waste time, but I wasted money because I had to discard my ingredients becasue I messed up.😫

Measuring Cups And Spoons

2. Not measuring the ingredients properly. This is another hazard that can be avoided if you will take the time to measure the ingredients correctly. For example, when I measure out my flour, I pour a little more than I need into my measuring cup and then take my offset stainless steel spatula and make the flour even with my measuring cup. That way I am sure if the recipe calls for one cup that’s what I have. I do the same thing if calls for two cups. PLEASE use your measuring cups and measuring spoons so that you know you are getting the right amount of ingredients.🙄

Preheated Oven

3.  Not preheating the oven or using the wrong oven temperature. Preheating your oven is one of the most important things you can do while baking and making sure you set it to the right temperature for whatever you are baking. Preheating the oven to the right temperature will bake your cake, cookies, pies, meat, etc. to a golden brown and bring all of those wonderful flavors together for an awesome taste. For example, if you don’t preheat your oven when baking a cake, it has to stay in longer and will make the cake very dense and heavy and dry it out.😲

4.  Using the wrong baking pan. This can be awful as well. Imagine cooking let’s say a birthday cake and you use too big of a pan it will look so thin and flat. Know how I know this? Yep, you guessed that right, I have done that crap before. No fun! Then of course I had to start all over again! I didn’t pay attention to what size pan the recipe called for when this happened to me. Case in point, read that recipe all the way through so you can avoid mistakes. Also, if you use too small of a pan, you will have the cake all on the sides of your pan and in the bottom of your oven.😡

Baking Soda And Baking Powder

5. Use baking soda instead of baking powder. This can also be a disaster in the making. Because these two are made up differently chemically speaking, this can be bad. So, if you use too much baking powder, instead of baking soda, your cake will taste bitter and won’t be as fluffy. If you use baking soda instead of baking powder you could wind up with a messy oven and a horrible tasting cake.😝

As you can see from reading the “5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Baking,” how important it is to read your recipes all the way through before you start your mixing and baking process. These things are very easy to avoid if we will just stop and take the time to read our recipes.

I know that we live in a fast-paced world, but when it comes to cooking and baking, take your time slow down relax and enjoy what you are doing. You will make fewer mistakes and have a blast!

So, get out there and get your baking on and most of all enjoy!😉

Happy Baking,

Donna Kennedy🍰

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