Freezing Cake Layers
Freezing Cake Layers

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Hey, Ya’ll! Have you ever wondered if you can freeze a homemade cake a few weeks before the celebration or freeze the leftover cake after a party? Keep reading to find out….

If you are like me and love to bake homemade cakes around the holidays, sometimes I can have some leftovers and really just don’t want to discard them because well it’s really delicious! Besides, I love to eat cake for breakfast with my coffee. I know, I know, not the most nutritious but it’s really good with the coffee!! ☕

Now, if you don’t want to eat your cake with your coffee in the mornings for breakfast, guess what? You can put it in the freezer and enjoy it a little longer! Hard to believe, right?

You can even bake homemade cakes ahead of a party or any occasion and freeze them to save yourself some time. Check out my tips below. Enjoy!

This is How You Freeze Unforsted Cake Layers

Wrap Cake Layers in Saran Wrap
Wrap Cake Layers in Saran Wrap

Storing your cake layers in your freezer is easier than you think. First of all, you want to make sure that your cake layers are completely cooled off before you wrap them in the saran wrap. This is a very important step as you do not want to trap any steam in when you wrap up your cake layers.

Wrapping them in a double layer of plastic wrap does not hurt, in fact, I encourage it. (This acts as a double layer of protection). Next, you will want to wrap them in a layer of aluminum foil. You may also use plastic freezer bags that are resealable. Gallon bags work best and can accommodate a 9 by 9-inch cake layer.

Once your cake layers have cooled and you have them wrapped tightly with the plastic wrap or in a gallon resealable freezer bag, make sure to write on the label what flavor of cake you have and the date you put it in the freezer. This is important to note because your cake layers should last from 2-3 months in the freezer and you will certainly want to know what flavor you will be serving!

It’s a very good idea to place your cake layers on a cookie sheet until they are frozen to maintain their flat surface for easy layering and frosting when you thaw them out. This will also make it easier to stack them on top of each other to save space in your freezer.

Tips from Donna’s Kitchen

Tip #1. You want to freeze your cake as soon as it’s cooled off enough so that it will still be fresh and you have time to enjoy it during its prime.

Tip #2. Make sure to wrap it tight as you can in the plastic wrap to help maintain its freshness and use double plastic wrap for an added layer of protection along with the aluminum foil on the outside of the wrap.

Tip #3. Not thawing the cake layers all the way out will make frosting them a lot easier. This will help seal in some of the crumbs (crumb coat) so you won’t have as many crumbs in your frosting. (I would thaw them on the counter for about one hour before you start decorating and they should still be cold enough to frost).

Freezing Frosted Homemade Cakes

Freezing A Homemade Frosted Cake
Freezing a Homemade Frosted Cake

Yes, you can freeze your frosted cakes! But, (yes there’s a but) you have to make sure your frosting can withstand being frozen. The top two frostings that work wonderfully being frozen are “Cream Cheese”, and “American Buttercream.” Two of my favorite ones to work with!

After you get your cake all frosted and decorated, you will want to place it in the freezer for an hour. This will allow for your frosting and decorations to set. Once you are sure everything is set, then take it out of the freezer (and just like your unfrosted layers) and wrap it in two layers of plastic wrap snug as you can, followed by aluminum foil.

Just like your unfrosted cake layers, you will want to get your cake into the freezer as soon as you can to maintain its freshness and enjoy it at its prime as well.

When you get ready to unthaw your cake, you may do so on your counter or in your fridge overnight. NOTE: Your frozen cake if wrapped properly can last up to 6 months in your freezer!

Frostings that do not work well being frozen are:

NOTE: These frostings are best when made fresh and used when you make them.

How to Freeze Single Slices of Cake

Single Slice Of Chocolate Cake
Single Slice of Chocolate Cake

This is so easy to do! All ya have to do is wrap the slices of cake in plastic wrap individually or put them on a plate and wrap the plastic wrap around the plate tight. You will want to make sure you do a double layer of the plastic on the layers as well to protect them from freezer burn. The cake slices should last 2-3 months in your freezer. Now you can keep on enjoying your cake a little longer!🤤

I hope you enjoyed reading about “How to Freeze a Homemade Cake (Without/With Frosting!)”as much as I enjoyed writing this article for you.

Now that you know what to do for your next big get together, get baking girl!😉

Happy Baking,

Donna Kennedy🍰

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