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8 Types of Gifts Bakers Will Actually Use

Best Gift Ideas For Bakers
They Will Actually Use!

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If you’re in need of some holiday gift ideas for the baker in your life, don’t worry! I’ve got you covered. I’m a baker myself, and I know a thing or two about what makes a good gift for a baker. They will really like these items I have picked out just for you and the baker.😉

Here are eight types of gifts bakers will actually use!​

Kitchen Aid Mixer

1. Cake Mixer – This might be my #1 most used item in the kitchen. It’s so easy to make my cakes and cupcakes with the Beater Blade attachment. I also use it when I make cornbread and biscuits, cookies, and more. Click here for a list of mixers I recommend!

Cookie Cutters

2. Cookie Cutters – I love cookie cutters. I use them for Thanksgiving and Christmas to make my delicious cookies. I have my eye on these! Click here for my favorite cookie cutters. You get 101 cookie cutters for all occasions!

Cake Stand

3. Cake Stand – Another item on my Christmas list is a cake stand! This one is so pretty, and I love the black and elegant details this one is my favorite but click here for more options. You can display so many things on this cake stand and look how pretty it is.

Flour Sifter

4. Sifter – The kitchen gadget I love and use more than any other…hands down! Plus, it has gotten rave reviews. Every baker needs one of these to sift their flour before using it. Doing this step makes it easier to mix the ingredients together. Click here for my first choice.

Wilton Sugar Sheets

5. Sugar Sheets – These sugar sheets are seriously life-changing when you decorate cookies or cakes. You just cut them into the shape you need and place them on your cake. Simple to use and makes a beautiful dessert. They come in different colors for your decorating needs. Click here to get yours.

Wilton Cake Strips Really Work!

6. Cake Strips- These cake strips are a lifesaver for your cakes and you. They are seriously awesome! I bought myself some a month or so back and I could not believe how well they really worked. If you know a baker, then please get these for them. I promise you they will love them and thank you. Click here for my choice. Check out the video to see the cake strips I purchased. Notice how flat the tops of my cakes are…

7. Angled and Straight Spatulas- Every baker needs one of these gadgets in their baking arsenal. Great for frosting a cake and decorating cakes. I have angled and straight spatulas and I use them all the time when decorating my cakes. Click here for my choice.

8. Icing Smoother- This is an awesome tool that any baker would love to have. I know because I have one and use it a lot when I bake cakes. The icing smoother helps to take off excess icing that you don’t need for a smooth finish. And it’s easier to decorate your cake. Click here to see my choice of the icing smoother

Any of these gifts you choose for the baker in your will help them and they will use them. If you are a baker, why not put the bug in someone’s ear that you need these. Then you will be a happy baker, right?😉

Happy Baking,

Donna Kennedy 🍰

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