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10 Best Tips To Create Perfect Cookies

Hey, Ya’ll, want to know how to get yummy cookies? Follow my 10 best tips to create perfect cookies and you will never fell! Because as you know we are getting close to the holidays and you will have spectacular results if you follow these tips and use my cookie recipe. Do this and you will be a hit at all of your gatherings. Enjoy!

Here are your 10 Best Tips to Create Perfect Cookies

1. Very Important: Always measure your ingredients correctly. Cookies are all about precision.

2. Always use the right size of baking sheet: The size of the baking sheet will determine the size of your cookies.

3. Always let cookies cool before eating them or decorating them: When you remove hot cookies from the oven, the cookie dough will still be very soft.

4. Always remember to use unbleached All-Purpose Flour: To produce great cookies with soft centers and crispy edges. If the recipe calls for milk or water, use milk it makes them softer.

5. Always try to use cornstarch instead of flour for thickening cookie doughs: (If needed) Flour can toughen cookies, but cornstarch won’t change the texture of your dough at all!

6. Always plan ahead for Christmas cookies! Christmas is just around the corner, so make room in your schedule now.

7. Always make sure that your cookie dough is cooled enough: Before you roll it into balls or cut them into shapes.

8.Get The Right Temperature: When baking cookies, always make sure your oven is set at the right temperature and not too hot like burning the cookies. Cookies will burn and taste bitter if your oven is higher than 350 degrees.

9. Use The Right Baking Dish: I always use a non-stick baking dish because it makes clean up so easy! And also, it helps prevent cookies from sticking to the dish.

10. Parchment Paper: For an easier faster clean up. This stuff is awesome!

Sounds easy right? It is, I promise you! You are about to be on your way to making the best cookies you ever thought possible. And quite possibly the envy of some of your guest.😉

Now that you have all these tips to help you get started on your baking, you need to head on over to “Donna’s Best Holiday Butter Cookies” for the ultimate experience in awesome cookie goodness. This will be the only cookie recipe cutouts you will ever need.

I would love to hear from you, so please leave a comment below. Also, let me know if you make these cookies how they turned out for you. How about some photo’s too?

Happy Baking,

Donna Kennedy🍪

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