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How to Bake the Perfect Cookie-6 Steps

Coffee and Cookies
Coffee and Cookies

When my mother introduced me to the world of cooking, I quickly learned that baking was my forte. I have always loved making cookies, but have you ever wondered how some people can just make a cookie that melts in your mouth and you find yourself going back for more? It’s because I was taught one of the most important baking tips, the technique.

Yes, it does take a bit of practice, but if you will follow my techniques, you will realize how easy it really is to make a perfect cookie.

Read on to find out more…

1. Follow the Recipe

Cookies Recipe
Follow the Recipe

This is the most important one of all, the recipe! If you don’t follow the recipe step by step I can promise you it will be a flop. And nobody wants that to happen. If you are going to take the time to bake cookies or anything for that matter, you may as well do it right the first time. Although this may seem like a small step, it is (to me) the most important step in the baking process.

2. Flour: All-Purpose or Self-Rising

White Lily All Purpose Flour 5 lb Bag (Pack of 2)
White Lily All Purpose Flour

Yes, my baker’s, the flour DOES matter. I can tell you this from my many years of baking. I have used both in my cookie recipes, and trust me when I tell you that All-Purpose flour works best for cookies, unless it specifies Self-Rising. Ever time I used the self-rising flour my cookies would never turn out the same. Once I made the switch to All-Purpose flour they turned out to be the perfect taste, texture, and consistency. Imagine that!

3. Baking Soda or Baking Powder

Arm and Hammer Baking Soda
Baking Soda

Most cookie recipes use baking soda and some use baking powder. I prefer baking soda because it is the most conventional raising agent in cookies. You can use baking powder, but just know that your cookies will have a more cake like consistency. And that will be fine if that is the way you want them. Using baking soda will make them good and chewy.

4. Butter, Butter, and Butter

Butter VS Margarine
Butter vs Margarine

Oh my goodness, there is nothing like the rich creamy taste of REAL butter. It is way better than margarine. Of course if all you have on hand is margarine, then it will work too. But if you ever try real butter in your cookies or other recipes calling for butter, honey you will never go back to margarine. Trust me! My favorite butter to get in the whole world is Amish butter. Now that’s some good eating. So rich and creamy. If you keep your butter in the fridge, set it out for about 15-20 minutes to get it at room temperature. Soft butter mixes up better in your dry ingredients. Don’t won’t to wait for it to reach room temp.?

Just pop it in the microwave for about 15-30 seconds. Melting it will make a softer chewier cookie.

5. What about the Eggs

Basket Of Brown Eggs
Basket of Brown Eggs

If your cookie recipe calls for eggs, and most of them do, make sure to lay your eggs out about 30-45 minutes before you start baking. This helps your cookies to have more volume and will turn out better and prettier. Plus, your eggs will mix-up with the dry ingredients much better. I prefer brown eggs to white eggs. I personally think that brown eggs are richer and make desserts taste richer.

6. Brown Sugar or White Sugar

Brown Sugar Or White Sugar
Brown Sugar or White Sugar

For me I like to use whatever the recipe calls for. But you can mix them by using half white and half brown. This gives your cookies an almost Carmel like taste. Now when it comes to peanut butter cookies, brown sugar is best if you have it. The right sugar for the right recipe gives your cookies that chewy or crunchy like texture we all love.

Tips from Donna’s Kitchen

Tip #1. Always go by your recipe instructions step by step for best results.

Tip #2. Gather all the ingredients for the recipe.

Tip #3. Measure out all of the ingredients before you start the mixing process.

If you follow all of my techniques and tips, you will be on your way to making perfect cookies every time no matter which cookie recipe you choose.🍪

Try one of my cookie recipes below and enjoy!😋

Happy Baking,

Donna Kennedy👩‍🍳



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How to Increase Your Productivity in the Kitchen

Work Smarter Not Harder
Tips to Get More Done in the Kitchen

If you are anything like me, then you will find that sometimes your kitchen can feel like a war zone. However, kitchens do not have to feel this way. With the help of the little tips I am going to share with you today, you can get your kitchen back under control.

Prepare to Increase Productivity in Your Kitchen

Grocery List
Grocery List

The first tip– is to get everything prepared before you start. You may think that cooking is all about improvisation and winging it, but if you want to be productive in the kitchen, this is not true. Prepare and plan before you start. Take stock and make sure that you have everything that you need, and that it is all in good working order. By doing this, you will be giving yourself the best possible chance to produce a great meal.

Washing Dishes
Wash the Dishes

Second tip-always start with a clean kitchen! There is nothing that stresses me out more than to try and start baking with a messy kitchen. Make sure all of your clean dishes are put away and your dirty dishes are washed up. Make sure you wash your dishes as you go. This will help you to get out of the kitchen much faster. My hubby usually washes the dishes as I go to help me out. I so appreciate his help! Especially around the holidays.

Reading A Recipe
Read Your Recipe

Third tip-read your recipe all the way through and get all of your ingredients ready. Then get your measuring cups, spoons, mixer, etc. ready to go. Measure out your ingredients and set aside. Put your flour, milk, eggs, flavoring, and sugar back in its proper place. Doing this will keep your kitchen counters more organized and less cluttered.

Don't Answer Your Phone If You're Busy
Don’t Answer Your Phone

Fourth tip-try not to answer your phone! I know, right? This really drives me crazy when I am trying to get my ingredients together, measured out, put back up and start the mixing process when my dang phone rings.🙄 For me, I don’t need that distraction at all. If I’m not careful I will forget what I have already measured out and poured into my mixing bowl and that is a pain in my butt I don’t need. (This is right up there on the stress bar with a dirty


Keep Pans In Cabinets Closest To Stove
Keep Pans in Cabinets Closest to Stove

Fifth tip-this is another very important tip for me and it will be for you as well, keep all of your baking pans together in one place. I like to keep my in the cabinets closest to my stove. This will save you a lot of time, I promise. I also like to keep my cake plates together as well. Doing this saves me the time of looking every where for them. I have my measuring spoons and measuring cups together in the same drawer as well as my cake spatulas I use for frosting my cakes, cookies or whatever I am working on.

Stay Focused
Stay Focused on Task at Hand

Sixth tip-stay focused on the task at hand. Try to avoid distractions at all cost. For me it is so hard to get my focus back if I get of course. I know that may sound crazy, but that’s just how it is for me. If we are being honest, I think this is true for most of us. Set a time you want to get started and stick to it. This will definitely speed up your productivity in the kitchen and you will get finished a lot faster.

Prepping The Ingredients
Prepping the Ingredients

Seventh tip-make a schedule of what you would like to bake and on what days. Get things prepped the day before. With a lot of recipes you can make things the day before. For instance, cookie dough can be made the day before and kept in the fridge. This is especially helpful during the holidays. Writing out what you are going to bake on certain days for the holiday festivities will be a tremendous help and time saver for you. Planning this out will be helpful with your grocery list as well.

Listen To Music While Baking
Listen to Music While Baking

Eighth tip-listen to your favorite music while cooking. In fact, I encourage it. I love to listen to me some Kenny G, smooth jazz or some soft rock. It just makes every thing I’m doing move along smoothly. During the holidays, I love me some Christmas music. Now that really gets my baking juices flowing! So, turn on your favorite music and get baking!

Old Pans
Donate Old Pots and Pans

Ninth tip-get rid of weird shaped pots and pans you are not using. If you don’t use them to cook in, then toss them. Plastic bowls with missing lids, toss them out as well too. Have any melted spatulas just lying around taking up space in your drawers? Chunk them. Are you starting to get the idea? If you are not using any pots, pans, cookware, spoons, spatulas, etc. throw them out or donate them to a goodwill store. Someone else can use them if you don’t need them anymore.

Cluttered Kitchen
Keep Your Kitchen Floor Clean of Clutter

Tenth tip-we talked about keeping your kitchen counters clutter free, the same can be said for your kitchen floor. This is something we don’t usually think about, but it’s a good idea to make sure nothing is in the way that you can trip over, slide down on that would ruin your day of baking in the kitchen. If you have small children make sure their toys are out of the floor and they are out of your kitchen. We don’t need the little kiddos getting hurt or burnt while mama is baking.

If you follow my 10 tips, then you will be on your way to learn How to Increase Your Productivity in the Kitchen. These tips will make your life much easier.

Happy Baking,

Donna Kennedy🍰



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5 Tips to Baking with Your Grandkids

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5 Cake Pans You Need for Baking Cakes

5 Tips to Baking with Your Grandkids

Baking is something that I love to do with my grandkids, but can sometimes be frustrating to figure out how to make it work. With the help of my grandkids, I have come up with 5 Tips to Baking with Your Grandkids.

1. Let them help you and pick a recipe

Kids Picking Out Recipe
Kids Picking Out Recipe

I know, I know, it is hard to teach a child to bake when you have things going on around you and on top of your counter. But, first and for most, insist that the little ones wash their hands before ya’ll get started. Let your grandchild pick out the recipe and help you with measuring and pouring the ingredients into a mixing bowl. When they are little, all you need them to do is stir, if they are older let them blend ingredients together. It makes them feel special and more engaged.

2. Have a neat area for baking

Neat Area for Kids
Neat Area for Kids

Everything else, stop! Have the kids clean up the area before you start baking. Have a place for everything and use it all. For example put flour in a sifter and put it back on the shelf after it is done being used. In fact it would be a lot easier to go ahead and get the recipe and get all the ingredients measured out and ready before ya’ll start mixing things together.

3. Consider which task each child can do

Children Baking
Consider What They Can Do

The smaller children can help pour and stir the ingredients, while the older one(s) can read the recipe and help measure out the ingredients. As your grandkids help you, they will learn how to do things in order, like reading the recipe first, gather the ingredients, measuring out every thing and how to mix the ingredients according to the recipe. You can also teach your grandkids how to work together and take turns doing each task. You can teach them the importance of making sure they have all the ingredients before starting to bake.

4. Know that it will get messy and be ok with it

Kids Making a Mess Baking
Kids Making a Mess Baking

Lord knows I can’t say anything about my grandkids being messy, because believe me I am too when it comes to baking! But I’m ok with that because they are children and it can and will get messy. When there is flour and sugar involved, it’s going to get on the counters and the floor. Let them help you clean up as you go. Don’t stress about it and just have fun. After all you are making beautiful memories to cherish for a life time with your babies.

5. Most of all be patient

Grandmother and Grandchild
Being Patient with Grandchild

If mistakes happen, and they probably will, don’t go postal! Let them know that mistakes are to be made and it’s ok. Teach them that’s how we learn and the next time they will know what to do to correct it. For example, you can show them what happens if you don’t spray your cake pans before pouring the cake batter into the pans or what happens if you don’t follow the recipe step by step. This will help them to be more aware of why the steps in a recipe are so important. You can also share some of your baking mishaps and have a great laugh. Let them know that know matter how long you have been cooking, mistakes are going to happen and it’s ok. Just learn from them and move on.

One more very important part of the baking…Share the goodies with the grandkids and praise them for doing such a good job. Ask them what they enjoyed most about baking with Nana. Most of all let them share their goodies with friends and family. Let them know you can’t wait to bake with them again.

I would love to hear from you about baking with your grandkids. Let me know how it went and share some pictures.

Below you will fine 3 of my best cookie recipes that will be easy to make with your grandkids and they are very delicious. Enjoy!😋

Happy Baking,

Donna Kennedy 👩‍🍳



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Do You Love Wilton Products? I Do!

I have been a Wilton product user for many years, and I have never been disappointed with their product. I do find that since I am a serious baker, I often need more than just a basic cake pan. I love a good Bundt pan, but honestly, they are hard to find. The problem with a lot of the nice Bundt pans is that they have a tendency to stick. Non-stick spray is not really effective, and it is such a pain to try and clean them up. This is where Wilton comes to the rescue with their non-stick line of products.

Keep reading on to find out more about the 5 Wilton Bakeware Products I love. Plus 3 of their baking tools I love.

Wilton Bakeware Non-Stick Bundt Pan
Wilton Bakeware Non-Stick
Bundt Pan

The Wilton Bakeware Non Stick Bundt Pan is everything anyone could want in a Bundt pan. It is made out of heavy gauge aluminized steel, and it has a non-stick coating that makes clean up easy and fool proof.

This pan has oversized handles for ease of putting in and getting it out of the oven. Plus, durable non-stick coating so your treats will fall out with ease.

Wilton Bakeware Non-Stick Cookie Sheet
Wilton Bakeware Non-Stick Cookie Sheet

The Wilton Non-Stick Cookie Sheets is an awesome cookie sheet that you will use like I do for years to come. I love this cookie sheet. It is made of heavy duty cold-rolled steel, and it has a durable non-stick coating with oversized handles so you can easily put it in and get it out of the oven.

This pan is a large size: 17.25 x 11.5-Inch so you can bake a large quantity of your delicious cookies at one time. And to make clean-up a snap, it’s dishwasher safe. #1 Best Seller on Amazon

Wilton Perfect Results Cake Pans
Wilton Perfect Results Cake Pans

Wilton Perfect Results Premium Non-Stick Cake Pans will be your go to pans for making 2-layer cakes. And yes I have this set of pans and they are awesome. I have had them for several years and they still look good and look amazing. I sill use Pam Spray or Baker’s Joy when cooking my cakes for that little extra protection.

My cakes always turn out moist and delicious and even every time. You get a set of 2 of these 6-inch round cake pans. Amazon’s Choice

Wilton Perfect Results Square Cake Pans
Wilton Perfect Results Square Cake Pans

Wilton Perfect Results Premium Non-Stick these will be your next favorite cake pans to go to. You can bake your cakes till your hearts content. These pans are made with heavy-gauge steel as well and will last you for years to come. With their Premium Non-Stick service your cakes will turn out perfect every time.

These pans are easy to clean with a little warm soapy water or for even quicker clean up they are dishwasher safe. Best Seller on Amazon

Wilton Recipe Right Non-Stick Oblong Pan
Wilton Recipe Right Non-Stick Oblong Pan

Wilton Recipe Right NonStick 9 x 13-Inch Oblong Cake Pans are good to make brownies, cakes, lemon bars or even bake a roast. These pans are made with a steel construction that is durable and sure to last you for years to come. Your goodies will slide right out of the pan with no problem.

These pans are dishwasher safe and make cleaning up a lot faster. Or you can wash them in warm soapy water. Now, get to baking! Amazon’s Choice

Wilton Bake-even Cake Strips
Bake-Even Cake Strips

Wilton Bake-Even Cake Strips for Evenly Baked Cakes are truly awesome. I have these and I love, love, love them! It really does make your cakes bake evenly as it says it will do. No more having to cut the “crowns” of your cakes off with that serrated knife. You simply soak the cake strips in cold water, remove excess water, and wrap them around your cake pans. That’s it!

The cake strips work by insulating the sides of your cake pan so your batter will cook evenly. I wish I would have had these years ago, but I have them now. You are going to love them as I do. Amazon’s Choice

Wilton Icing Smoother
Wilton Icing Smoother

Wilton Cake Icing Smoother is another one of their products I have and love as well. This little jewel will have you smoothing out your icing on your cakes like a pro. It has a comfort grip that makes it really easy to use. It is also makes smoothing your icings much faster saving you valuable time.

Easy to clean with just warm soapy water. This is another one of those things I wonder how I ever got along without. Amazon’s Choice

Wilton 9-inch Angled Spatula
Wilton 9-inch Angled Spatula

Wilton 9-inch Angled Spatula is great for frosting, filling, to decorating your cakes. I love this product as well. I couldn’t imagine not having this little jewel to help me frost and remove excess frosting from my cakes. This is one of my favorite go to tools for frosting my 2-layer cakes. I like to use it as well to make little swirl designs by using the tip of it. This makes a very pretty design.

Depending on the level of pressure you put on the spatula will determine what kind of result you will get. For example, if you are trying to take off some of the icing on the top of the cake while smoothing it out, you apply just a little pressure to the center of the spatula while angling it away from you in a upward sweeping motion.

I can tell you that you will not be disappointed in the above mentioned products. They are truly durable and will lasts you years to come. Plus, they are very inexpensive. Take your time and check each one of them out. Enjoy!🍪

Leave me a comment below and let me know which ones you like and what you think about them. I would love to hear from you.

Happy Baking,

Donna Kennedy,🍰



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Learn How to Create Delicious Desserts 


Have you always wanted to make homemade desserts but felt you never had the time or not really sure what to do? I will teach you how to make delicious desserts from scratch. It is not that hard and the results are oh so good.


6 Best Brownie Pans


Are you in the market for a really good brownie pan? Look no further I have got you covered. There is nothing like stirring up a batch of homemade warm gooey brownies. Topped with vanilla ice-cream or how about homemade cool whip? Yep, you read that right homemade cool whip!

Ok, now that I am drooling, let’s get back to the task at hand so you can get the perfect brownie pan.

There are four important categories to consider when choosing a brownie pan.

They are as follows:

  1. Square or rectangular brownie pan
  2. Non-stick pans
  3. Specialty brownie pans, square with dividers (pan can be made of either metal or silicone)
  4. Cast Iron Skillet (this should be self explanatory)

The features you should look for in a brownie pan:

  1. Flat bottom – All of the pans we looked at need to have a flat bottom for even baking.
  2. Efficient and even heating – The best and most nonstick pans for brownies will also be the ones with the best and most even heating.
  3.  Proper capacity – It is important to know that all of these pans will work for baking a 9×13-inch brownie.

6 best brownie pans

Wilton Brownie Bar Pan
Wilton Brownie Bar Pan

#1. Wilton Brownie Bar Pan (Amazon’s Choice) If you want to bake your favorite brownie recipe to perfection, then you need to start with Wilton’s premium non-stick bake ware. This pan is heavier than most other brands so that you can be assured that this premium non-stick pan will heat evenly resulting in brownies baked to perfection. This pan is not just for brownies, you can also create beautiful single desserts like miniature cakes, fruit bars, and much more. 4.8/5 STARS


  • made of Alloy Steel that is built to last
  • Heats evenly for perfect results every time
  • 12 individual serving cavities, no slicing needed
  • Non-Stick coating
  • Last for years of perfect baking
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 1.81 x 10.56 x 15.12 inches

Have all 3 of the features I’m looking for: Flat bottom, Efficient and even heating, Proper capacity.

Brooklyn Brownie Copper by GOTHAM STEEL

#2. Brooklyn Brownie Copper by GOTHAM STEEL- This brownie pan allows you to mix your batter right in the pan with a mixer! This keeps you from messing up an extra bowl. You can quickly mix up 18 brownies, cakes, or whatever your heart desires to serve to your family or friends. Want pizza appetizers? No problem, you can easily mix your batter right in the pan. Next, insert the brownie grid, and stick it in the oven. This brownie pan promises to deliver crispy edges while keeping the centers gooey. This is achieved by the even distribution of heat by the pan’s bottom, sides, and grid. 4.4/5 STARS


  • Made from premium heavy-weight aluminized steel
  • Non-stick coating allows for easy food removal
  • Pre-cut divider, no dividing of food needed
  • Made from premium heavy-weight aluminized steel
  • Non-stick coating allows for easy food removal
  • Pre-cut divider, no dividing of food needed
  • Cooks more than just brownies
  • Fast clean-up and dishwasher safe
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 14.09 x 9.19 x 2.59 inches

Have all 3 of the features I’m looking for: Flat bottom, Efficient and even heating, Proper capacity.

Chicago Metallic Professional Slice Solutions Brownie Pan

#3. Chicago Metallic Professional Slice Solutions Brownie Pan(Amazon’s Choice) Create perfect brownies every time with this non-stick brownie pan. Because of the divider, it allows you to customize each brownie with nut toppings, sprinkles, candies, or whatever you like. This unique brownie pan is not just for brownies, you can make cornbread, cakes, and many other baked treats. 4.5/5 STARS


  • Removable divider
  • Perfect 3 inch by 2 inch treats
  • No knife needed to cut every piece
  • Customize each brownie with different toppings
  • Premium quality durable stainless steel for superior
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 16 x 10 x 2.5 inches

Have all 3 of the features I’m looking for: Flat bottom, Efficient and even heating, Proper capacity.

Silicone Brownie Pan with Dividers

#4. Silicone Brownie Pan with Dividers- (#1Best Seller) If you love silicone or have never tried it, you need too. The silicone brownie pan is very flexible with non-stick function making for quick and easy release of your baked good. It is made to sit directly on your oven racks, but I highly recommend placing it on a cookie sheet so you can avoid it folding in on you. It is silicone, so when it gets hot it is going to be very flexible. 4.4/5 STARS


  • Flexible silicone and non-stick finish allows for easy release of your baked goods
  • Made of 100% food grade silicone
  • Easy clean up: dishwasher safe and cleans up well with warm soapy water
  • Oven and microwave safe: -20 degrees F. to 450 degrees F.
  • Set of two: 12 + 24 Cavity. Very good deal!.
  • Dimensions LxWxH: 13 x 8 x 0.6 inches

Have all 3 of the features I’m looking for: Flat bottom, Efficient and even heating, Proper capacity.

Wilton Recipe Right Non-Stick 8-Inch Square Baking Pan

#5. Wilton Perfect Results Premium Non-Stick 8-Inch Square Cake Pans (Amazon’s Choice) Don’t need to make 12-24 brownies? Then these cake pans are for you. If you do a lot of baking and cooking, this set will work wonderful for your busy kitchen. These pans are made with heavy-duty rolled steel construction that is meant to last you for years to come. And of course this pan can be used for cakes, bars, or anything you want to bake. With it’s durable non-stick coating, clean up is a breeze. 4.8/5 STARS


  • Comes in a set of two 8-inch non-stick square pans
  • Made with heavy-gauge construction for long-lasting durability
  • Even heating allows for food to cook thoroughly and prevents warping
  • Durable non-stick coating so food slides out easily
  • Scratch-resistant coating
  • Dishwasher safe for quick clean up or wash in warm soapy water
  • Dimensions LxWxH: 2.3 x 12.3 x 9.4 inches

Have all 3 of the features I’m looking for: Flat bottom, Efficient and even heating, Proper capacity.

Wilton Recipe Right Non-Stick 9-Inch Square Baking Pan With Lid

#6. Wilton Recipe Right Non-Stick 9-Inch Square Baking Pan with Lid- (Amazon’s Choice) This is the perfect gift set for that special just starting out baking, or a nice gift for yourself. This comes with a set of 2 non-stick baking pans with lids to keep all of your cakes, brownies, lemon bars, etc. fresher longer. 4.8/5 STARS


  • Heavy gauge construction spreads heat evenly and prevents warping
  • Non-stick coating so treats release easy
  • Easy cleanup with warm, soapy water
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Comes in a set of two 9-inch square pans w/lids
  • Dimensions LxWxH: 2 x 9 x 9 inches

Have all 3 of the features I’m looking for: Flat bottom, Efficient and even heating, Proper capacity.

These are some really awesome pans with fantastic prices. I know you will find one to your liking and baking needs. Check them out and get baking!

Happy Baking,

Donna Kennedy🍽



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How to Make a Cake in a Mug

Cake In A Mug
Cake in a Mug

I have a confession to make: I love cake. Baking a cake in a mug sounds like it should be super easy, right? After all, it’s just a tiny little cake.

Cake in a mug is a lot easier to make than you think. In fact, you’ll wonder why you ever bought those boxed mixes that require six different bowls and a hand mixer. Now you can make cake from scratch without all those annoying bowls!

This cute little cake is perfect for that after-dinner treat, or it’s great for breakfast if you’re that kind of person. Either way, it’s super simple to make, and will take less than 5 minutes of active work on your part.

The great thing about this recipe is that you don’t have to use just one mug or one type of mug. You can use different mugs in different sizes for different portions. So if you just want a little bite of cake, use a smaller mug. If you’re having company, use larger mugs.

To celebrate Fall, I know you will love the following recipe. This is so simple, so let’s get baking. Here’s what you’ll need:

Pumpkin Spice Latte Mug Cakes


2 Tablespoons butter, melted and cooled

1 Egg

3 Tablespoons brewed espresso coffee or very strong coffee, room temperature

1 Tablespoon canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie mix)

1/4 Cup sugar

1/3 Cup Original Bisquick™ Mix

1/2 Teaspoon pumpkin pie spice

Pinch of salt

Whipped cream, for serving

Ground cinnamon, for serving


  1. In small bowl, beat melted butter, egg, espresso and pumpkin with whisk. Add the sugar, Bisquick mix, pumpkin pie spice and salt. Mix until incorporated; batter may be lumpy.
  2. Divide batter between 2 microwavable mugs. Microwave uncovered on High 2 minutes. Cool a few minutes before serving.
  3. Top with whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

TIP #1: If you want to save on clean up mix the batter in one mug, and then pour half of it into the other mug.

TIP #2: If you are not a fan of coffee, you can use another liquid such as water, buttermilk, Chi Tea, milk, etc.

Try this easy recipe for Homemade Cool Whip Only 2 ingredients:

Your taste buds will thank you! This is way better than the canned stuff and a lot tastier than what comes in the plastic bowls.

3/4 Cup heavy whipping cream (Very Cold)

2 Tablespoons powdered sugar


  1. In chilled medium bowl, beat whipping cream with electric mixer on high speed.
  2. Add powdered sugar before stiff peaks form.
  3. Beat ingredients until stiff peaks form.

TIP #1: For enhanced flavor, try adding a 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract when adding the powdered sugar.

TIP #2: Make sure you keep your mixing bowl and your beaters in the freezer until you are ready to use them for best results. And you want your heavy whipping cream very cold too.

TIP #3: This homemade cool whip is great on Pumpkin Pie, Sweet Potato Pie, Strawberry Short Cake or whatever you want to put it on. Enjoy!🧁

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My Top 6 Picks for Non-Stick Pans

Non-Stick Pans

One of the questions I get asked the most is “What is the best non-stick cake pan?” and that’s why I am giving you my top 6 picks for non-stick cake pans.

I am going to be reviewing my top 6 picks based on the following criteria: Ease of Cleaning, Functionality, Durability and Price.

The 6 brands of cake pans that I am going to be reviewing are:

  1. Wilton Non-Stick Round Cake Pans
  2. Nordic Ware Anniversary Collection
  3. Chicago Metallic Non-Stick Cake Pans
  4. Fat Daddio’s 9″ Wilton-Style Nonstick Springform Pan
  5. Wilton Perfect Results Premium Non-Stick 8-Inch Square Cake Pans
  6. Elbee Home 8-Piece Nonstick Aluminized Steel

If you love baking like I do, then a good durable, long-lasting cake pan(s) is a must have. This is very important to have and is rated at the top of my list.

Having cake pans that are easy to clean, durable and function well is essential for getting perfect results every time.

Nothing is worse than spending all of your time, effort and money on creating a beautiful master piece to have it stick, burn or just flop! Without further delay, what you say we get down to the reviews?

Wilton Perfect Results Non-stick Round Cake-Best Price

Wilton Perfect Results Nonstick Round Cake Pan, 9 by 1.5-Inch, Silver

Baker’s all around recognize the Wilton Perfect Results Non-Stick 9×1.5 inch Round Cake Pan as being one of the best high quality made cake pans around. With its non-stick surface and reinforced coating, no wonder bakers are raving about its durability, functionality, price and of course how easy the cake releases making clean up a breeze. (3 sizes to choose from) For durability, functionality, cleaning and price I give them a A plus.


Nordic Ware Platinum Collection Anniversary Bundt Pan

This beautiful Bundt pan is part of Nordic Ware’s Anniversary Collection. Not only does it make a beautiful and stunning cake design, you can do this in one easy step and then decorate it as you wish. This Bundt cake pan is made of light weight aluminum with a non-stick finish making clean up and release easy. This pan is not just for cakes, you can also make festive breads or mold gelatins and frozen desserts. Yield: 10-15 cup capacity. (2 Colors to choose from)

Chicago Metallic Non-Stick Cake Pans-Best Round cake pans

Chicago Metallic Professional Non-Stick 3-Piece Round Cake Pan Bakeware Set, Gray

The Chicago Metallic Non-Stick Cake Pans comes in a set of 3 that includes a 6-inch, 8-inch, and 10-inch round cake pans. Get your creative juices flowing and make a multi-layer cake for someone’s anniversary or perhaps a birthday cake. With this 3 piece non-stick cake pan set the possibilities are endless. The non-stick coating is made with food safe non-stick coating making food release easy and clean up fast and its dishwasher safe. This set is made with durable carbon steel that evenly distributes the heat and weight for consistent baking and perfect results every time. For durability, functionality, cleaning and price I give them a A plus.

Fat Daddio’s 9″ Nonstick Spring foam Pan-Best Spring foam Pan

Fat Daddio's 9" Nonstick Spring foam Pan-Best Spring foam Pan

This pan is a must have for making cakes, cheesecakes, tarts, or even ice cream cakes and much much more. Fat Daddio’s Spring foam pan is made out of Anodized Aluminum which heats faster for even cooking and it cools off faster thus preventing over baking. The finish on this pan resist rusting, flaking, chipping and peeling. The wide pedestal base can be used for a cake stand. Included with the 6×3 inch pan is a Lumintrail Measuring Spoon Set. I give Fat Daddio’s Spring Foam Cake Pan a A plus for Ease of Cleaning, Functionality, Durability and Price.

Wilton Perfect Results Premium Non-Stick 8-Inch Square Cake Pans-Best Square pan set

Wilton Perfect Results Premium Non-Stick 8-Inch Square Cake Pans, Set of 2, Steel Bakeware Set

Having square pans in your cooking arsenal is a must have. Not only are they great for making a layered cake, but great for making brownies as well. Wilton Perfect Results Premium Non-Stick Square Cake Pans are made of durable steel that spreads heat evenly to prevent your cake layers from coming out warped. They have a non-stick coating for fast food release. You get 2 in a set. These pans are sure to last for many years. Ease of Cleaning, Functionality, Durability and Price are amazing. This one also gets an A plus rating.

Elbee Home 8-Piece Nonstick Aluminized SteeL-Best bakeware set

Elbee Home 8-Piece Nonstick Aluminized SteeL-Best bakeware set

I saved this one for last. This is truly an amazing set of bakeware to have. It comes with 8 different pans that stack neatly within one another to save space. These pans are made out of Aluminized Steel and are 100% dishwasher safe. This neat set will fit in your kitchen cabinets or under your oven. This would be a great starter kit for someone who just got married or for someone moving out on their own. Durable and heat resistant and can withstand heat up to 450 degrees F. Made from 100% non-stick carbon steel. The Elbee set comes with one large roasting pan, one 8 in. square cake tin, one small oven tray, two muffin pans, two 8 in. round cake tins, and one large oven tray. I have to give this one an A plus plus for Ease of Cleaning, Functionality, Durability and Price.

Ok, my baker’s go and check out these 6 pans and pick out the one(s) that suit your baking needs. And get your baking on!

Happy Baking,

Donna Kennedy🍰



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👻10 Tips for Creating a Spooktacular Halloween Party for Children🎃

Halloween Party
Halloween Party

Halloween is upon us, and it’s the perfect time to organize a Spooktacular party for the kids. As much as I love fancy dress, I also like to relax and party hard at home with my family. Here are my top ten tips for creating the ultimate kid’s Halloween Party, which your adult guest will enjoy too.

Are you ready to create your Spooktacular Halloween Party? Let’s go….

#1. Choose Your Theme Wisely

Halloween Theme
👻Halloween Theme👻

This is the first thing you want to do is decide on the Halloween Theme you would like to create and build off that. There are so many Halloween themes to choose from, you are sure to find one to meet your goulash needs. For example, do you want to go with spider webs with black and orange décor? Or would you prefer a monster theme, witch fest along with a scary forest outside? As you can see the possibilities are endless. But do remember you want the kiddo’s to have fun, not be frightened.

#2. Make Fun Invitations

Halloween Party Invitations
🕷Halloween Invites🕷

Now that you have your cute little theme picked out, it’s time to get the invitations ready. Make your own and have fun with it. You can include the kiddo’s as well to help. This will make it even more special. One thing you can do with the invitations is make them to match your Halloween Theme. You can also make little candy gift bags to match as well. Kid’s love to make crafts at least my grandchildren do.

#3. Halloween Games

If you have different age children as I do, you can still have games that everyone can enjoy. Even the adults. Here are some fun games to consider for all ages…

These games are sure to keep the kiddo’s happy and entertained. On Amazon under $10.00!

#4. Start and End

Time To Party Clock
Time To Party

Now it’s time decide what time you want the party to start and when you want it to end. If it’s just a party for the kid’s, younger one’s may only lasts for a couple of hours and the older ones 3-4 hours. Make sure to state the start and end times on the invitations so the parents will know what time to drop them off and pick them up.

Now for me and my family, we always have a start time, but then we end it when we get ready too. Which is usually longer than 2-4 hours.🎃

#5. Baking Time

Halloween Cookies
Halloween Cookies

This is my favorite part besides the decorating. Depending on what and how much you are making, give your self enough time to get your treats baked, decorated and ready for the big day. Baking your goodies a couple of days ahead of time will take a lot of stress off of you.

For me I bake my cookies, especially if I decorate them, 2 days ahead of time. Then I will bake my cake the day before and decorate it. I like to make cookies and then let my grandchildren come over and help me decorate them. They love it and so will you. If family wants to help in baking goodies, let them! For a delicious cookie recipe go to Donna’s Best Holiday Butter Cookies.

#6. Decorate the House

Halloween House
Halloween House

Now that you have picked out a theme and got all of your goodies baked and decorated, it’s time to get your Halloween decorating on. I like to decorate a few days before the party. Give your self plenty of time to get everything like you want it. Get your spooky juices flowing and turn your house into a Halloween Scene that is sure to please both you and your guest. If you need some cute decorations and don’t want to make them your self, check out your local Dollar Tree or Dollar General. They have cute stuff priced to fit any budget.

#7. Add Music to Your Theme

Dancing Children
Get Your Groove On

There’s nothing like adding a little music to your party to get things going. These songs are sure to get everyone dancing. I recommend songs like “Monster Mash,” “Ghostbusters,” “Thriller.” And of course if you have an Alexa, you can ask her to play Halloween music for children.

#8. Serve Simple Snacks

Monster Cupcakes
Monster Cupcakes

No need to stress your self out over the snacks, just keep it simple. Here are some idea’s below:

  1. Monster Cupcakes-get these at your local Walmart to save time
  2. Cake Pops-get some your local bakery
  3. Halloween Cookies-pick some up a your local Walmart
  4. Sneak in some healthy snacks-Halloween monster mouth snacks, crunchie Halloween mummies, pumpkin party mix

#9. Time for Halloween Games

Halloween Crafts/Games
Halloween Crafts/Games

Now that the kiddos have eaten some treats how about some dancing to burn off some of the sugar highs? My little ones love to have dance contest and I bet yours would too. After all that dancing try sitting down for a rest and play some board games like Halloween Bingo, do a craft like decorating some pumpkins, watch a Halloween cartoon like “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.”

#10. Photo Time

Halloween Photo
Family Time

Well, the party was a hit and things are winding down, now is the time to take photo’s to save the memories of time spent with family and friends. Have your guest stand in front of some of the decorations as a backdrop for the pictures. Then you can have them developed and share with family and friends.

Follow these 10 Tips for Creating a Spooktacular Halloween Party for Children and it should put your mind at ease and help you stay organized while planning your Halloween Party.

I would love for you to share some of your pictures with me. It would be wonderful to see what you came up with.

I hope you and your family have a great Halloween and be safe.🎃

Happy Baking,

Donna Kennedy👻



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